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LaValle Guitars - Hand-Crafted uniquely shaped playable art.

Probably the most unique guitar shape ever!

We started with the Sunny 1221, and all models since (with the exception of the Mustang 917) take to aquatics for their guitar design — while injecting the LaValle Guitars' touch for pure playability and perfect tuning.

LaValle Guitars takes on a uniquely hand-crafted guitar style, inspired by piscis (fish).

In keeping with the aquatic theme, we added the Betta 222, Betta 523 and the Piranha 701 — a bigger cousin to the other three — and the Branzino 138, coming fall of 2022. The only model not inspired by a fish is the Mustang 917, whose ispiration is derived from equus (horse).

Each guitar body is hand cut from selected reclaimed old growth woods. Each is then carefully sculpted using rasps, files and sandpaper, and each then goes through a unique proprietary process of heat and friction to seal the end grain.

Our only goal is to deliver premium quality instruments and everything is designed, crafted, painted, wired, set, tuned in the U.S.A.

"I love being a guitar maker because I get to be a designer, painter, and sculptor."

I am a one-man-workshop, and that means:

  • I don´t have millions of Dollars that I can use to push my guitars in the media.
  • I can´t afford to spend thousands $$ to hire famous guitar players just to play my guitars.
  • I don´t have the funds to promote my guitars with gigantic booths at each and every exhibition around the globe or on TV shows.

The Process

Each guitar is Made-to-Order. Because each guitar body is hand carved and painted, no two instruments, and no two of the same models, are exactly alike. EACH is its own piece of art, separate from the others. These are not mass-produced, and do require a 2-3 month wait time once ordered.

Layout Guitar


Each guitar shares the same shape, but each layout of controls varies based on the model. We'll even change the layout of the same model to improve playability and dexterity based on feedback.

Carve Guitar


Using rasps, files and sandpaper, we carve and shape each body — with skill and an eye to the details. Even though each goes through the same process, no two are exactly alike — ever!

Finish Guitar


No, we are not done yet. We apply many coats of primer, paint and top coats – by hand – to ensure the color and finish last a long time. This step is the most time-consuming in the process.

Assemble Guitar


The wiring, hardware and strings are all added. Tuning and intonating the guitar is now performed — the guitar played and intonating tweaked until we ensure it's pure playability!