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Set-up/Repair Services

With more than 40 years repairing, replacing and tinkering with guitars and their electronics - we repair, modify and do pretty much everything when it comes to 6-string electrics.

Setup and Fretwork

Electric Setup (Standard Bridge)
$90.00 - includes strings
Electric Setup (Floating and Locking Bridge)
$105.00 - includes strings
Acoustic Setup 6-string
$90.00 - includes strings
Acoustic/Electric Setup 12-string
$105.00 - includes strings
Fret Dress

Electronics Install & Repair

Magnetic Pickup Install
$45.00 per pickup
Replace or Install Potentiometer
Replace Jack or Install
Complete Re-Wire
$125.00 - $250.00
Custom Electronics
Per Hour Rate

Other Repairs

Bridge replacement/new installation
Head Stock Repair
$130.00 and up
Crack Repair
$100.00 and up
Neck Set
$620.00 includes Fret Level and Setup
Guitar Modifications
Per Hour Rate
Finish and Refinish Work
Per Hour Rate plus materials

Don't see your particular repair listed? Get in touch to discuss your repair needs.

Labor per hour — $125

Minimum bench charge — $70

Because of the vast variety of strings available for music instruments, strings are not included in the pricing above.

Basic repairs and setup are usually turned around in 7-14 days.

Setups have a 90-day guarantee starting on the day you pick up.

All prices are subject to change without notice.